Ver-the-counter (otc) and prescription liquids, tablets and nasal sprays. cheap generic viagra mg Otc oral decongestants include sudafed, actifed and drixoral. Nasal sprays include phenylephrine (neo-synephrine, others) and oxymetazoline (afrin, others). These medications are generally taken for only a few days at most. cost comparison viagra viagra Otherwise they can cause the return of more severe congestion (rebound congestion). Over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin, acetaminophen (tylenol, others) or ibuprofen (advil, motrin, others). viagra pills Aspirin has been linked with reye's syndrome, so use caution when giving aspirin to children or teenagers. Though aspirin is approved for use in children older than age 2, children and teenagers recovering from chickenpox or flu-like symptoms should never take aspirin. viagra over the counter in canada Talk to your doctor if you have concerns. Antibiotics antibiotics usually aren't needed to treat acute sinusitis. viagra canada online Antibiotics won't help when acute sinusitis is caused by a viral or fungal infection. how is viagra better than viagra Most cases of bacterial sinusitis improve without antibiotics. viagra 100 info Antibiotic treatment is generally needed only if you have a bacterial infection, especially if the infection is severe, recurrent or persistent. Antibiotics used to treat acute sinusitis caused by a bacterial infection include amoxicillin (amoxil, trimox, others), doxycycline (doryx, monodox, others) or the combination drug trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (bactrim, septra, others). If the infection doesn't go away or if the sinusitis comes back, your doctor may try a different antibiotic. how is viagra better than viagra If your doctor does prescribe antibiotics, it's critical to take the entire course of medication. buy good generic viagra Generally, this means you'll need to take them for 10 to 14 days — even after your symptoms get better. how is viagra better than viagra If you stop taking them early, your symptoms may come back. Antifungal medications rarely, acute sinusitis is caused by a fungal infection, which can be treated with antifungal medication. The dose of medication — as well as how long you'll need to take it — depends on the severity of your infection and how quickly your symptoms improve. Immunotherapy if allergies are contributing to your sinusitis, allergy shots (immunotherapy) that help reduce the body's reaction to specific allergens may help treat your symptoms. buy generic viagra online Lifestyle and home remedies tests and diagnosis mayo clinic products and services book: mayo clinic family health book, 4th edition book: mayo clinic book of home remedies give today to find cures for tomorrow see also hand scheduled section focus acute sinusitis: do over-the-counter treatments help? generic viagra canada Breast-feeding and medications: what's safe? Allergy shots nasal sp. viagra for sale