Browse by:   inventor   owner/assignee   attorney/agent/firm   examiner advanced patent search sign in or register driver device for mr elastography   page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 page 5 page 6 products pdf+word+textdownload of uspatent 5952828 bulk downloadof 50+ relatedpatent pdfs $39. viagra dosage limits 95 document number us patent 5952828 issued date september 14, 1999 link inventors rossman; philip j. female viagra fox news (rochester, mn) show on map muthupillai; raja (rochester, mn) show on map ehman; richard l. (rochester, mn) show on map map abstract devices for applying an oscillatory stress to an object positioned in a polarizing magnetic field of an nmr imaging system are used to perform mr elastography. buy viagra online legally The devices employ electrically energized coils which are connected to drive members and drive plates in a manner to provide various oscillatory forces to an object being imaged. viagra dosage limits The different oscillatory forces enable different body organs to be imaged using mr elastography methods. viagra dosage limits Drawing drawing from us patent 5952828 patent report tags: driver device elastography [x] add description: amusing 0% clever 0% complex 0% efficient 0% historic 0% important 0% innovative 0% interesting 0% practical 0% simple 0% [x] amusing clever complex efficient historic important innovative interesting practical simple submit number of claims: 19 comments: no comments yet [x] add patent tools owner mayo foundation for medical education and research (rochester, ny) published september 14, 1999 application number 08/915,828 filed august 21, 1997 us classification 324/318   int'l classification a61b   5/055   (20060101)   g01r   33/563   (20060101)   g01r   33/54   (20060101)   g01r   33/28   (20060101)   examiner arana; louis attorney/law firm quarles & brady llp parent case cross reference to related applications this application is a continuation-in-part of application ser. does viagra do if women take No. viagra online in uk 08/719,605 filed sep. viagra on the nhs prescription 25, 1996 which is a division of application ser. buy generic viagra online usa pharmacy No. 08/325,834 filed oct. generic viagra from the united states 19, 1994, now u. S. generic viagra online pharmacy india Pat. No. viagra 100mg apotheke 5,592,085. buy viagra online in usa Uspto field of search 324/318   324/322   324/315   324/307   324/309   related patents 6824516 - system for examining, mapping, diagnosing, and treating diseases of the prostate - owned by medsci technologies, inc. not buy generic viagra (newport news, va) a holistically integrated ultrasonic system for examining, mapping, diagnosing, and treating diseases of the prostate gland in a male human includes an ultrasonic transrectal probe and an ultrasonic transurethral probe. buying viagra online Each of these probes is adapted to pulse and to receive, as well as to produce and operate within a liquid-filled volume of the lumen into which they are inserted. viagra pills online purchese Each probe is in operative communication with an integrated patient support platform and an integrated expert system. Generic indian viagra The integrated expert system collects data transmitted by. Before and after viagra pics